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The Laird Law Firm represents employees and businesses in federal security clearance applications, reviews, and revocation hearings. 

A security clearance is an important business opportunity for employee and employer. Federal employees, members of the military, government contractors, and private sector employees may be required to hold security clearances to access restricted information and perform their work functions.

A security clearance includes an extensive and thorough background investigation and periodic review, with many activities at issue, from foreign travel and credit card debt, gambling and substance abuse. Trustworthiness is a key factor in passing clearance review. Your security clearance may be taken away at any time.

The Laird Law Firm assists employees and employers in all stages of the security clearance application process, including:

If you have recently had your application for security denied or your clearance revoked, or if you are applying for a security clearance or undergoing review, call the Laird Law Firm today.

Not many law firms practice in the area of professional negligence, as it often requires a multifaceted, sophisticated understanding not only of the law but also of the complex regulations governing various professional fields. The Laird Law Firm provides the practical skill and result-oriented representation needed to bring such claims to an efficient, effective resolution.

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